Question: Who Was The Only Viceroy Of India Murdered In Office?

Who was the best Viceroy of India?

Top 15 British Viceroys of IndiaViceroy # 1.

Lord Canning as First Viceroy, (1858-62):Viceroy # 2.

Lord Elgin (1862-63):Viceroy # 3.

Sir John Lawrence, (1864-69):Viceroy # 4.

Lord Mayo, (1869-72):Viceroy # 5.

Lord Northbrook, (1872-76):Viceroy # 6.

Lord Lytton, (1876-80):Viceroy # 7.

Lord Ripon (1880-84):Viceroy # 8.

Lord Dufferin, (1884-88):More items….

Who killed Mayo?

Sher AliSher Ali was given life imprisonment at the penal settlement in Andaman Islands, when he stabbed and killed Lord Mayo, during the British Viceroy’s official visit to Port Blair on 8th February 1872.

Which British viceroy was killed in India?

Lord MayoSher Ali Afridi, also called Shere Ali, is known for killing Lord Mayo, the Viceroy of India, on 8 February 1872. He was a prisoner on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at the time, sentenced for murder.

Which Viceroy has longest tenure in India?

Lord LinlithgowSolution(By Examveda Team) Governor General and Viceroy of India (1936-1944) Lord Linlithgow was Viceroy of India from 1936 to 1944 and this eight years period was longest reign as Viceroy of India.

Why was Lord Mayo killed?

Assassination. While visiting the convict settlement at Port Blair in the Andaman Islands in 1872 for the purpose of inspection, he was assassinated by Sher Ali Afridi, an Afridi Pathan convict who used a knife.

Who started English language in India?

T.B. MacaulayThus the socio- historical stage for the role of English in education was set by the end of the 18th century. T.B. Macaulay, in the Minutes of 1835, for the first time, formally introduced the teaching of English in the South Asian subcontinent.

Who was killed Kingsford?

KhudiramAnswer. Khudiram, along with Prafulla Chaki, attempted to assassinate a British judge, Magistrate Kingsford, by throwing bombs in the carriage they suspected the man was in. Magistrate Kingsford, however, was seated in a different carriage, resulting in the deaths of two British women.

Where Lord Mayo was killed?

Port Blair, IndiaRichard Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo/Place of assassination

How many Viceroys are there in India?

Viceroys in India from 1858 to 1947ViceroyTenureLord Willingdon1931 – 1936Lord Linlithgow1936 – 1944Lord Wavell1944 – 1947Lord Mountbatten1947-4816 more rows

Which English Governor General of India was murdered by a convict in the Andaman Island?

Lord MayoThough heavily protected, Lord Mayo made an impromptu stop to admire the view and was stabbed to death by a convict from the North West Frontier.

Which viceroy of India was killed in Andaman?

Viceroy Lord MayoAlmost identical was the stabbing of Viceroy Lord Mayo on 8 February 1872 by Sher Ali Afridi, a former soldier from Khyber Agency. Mayo was on a visit to Hopetown, Port Blair in the Andamans.

Who was last Viceroy of India?

Louis Mountbatten, Earl Mountbatten of Burma became governor-general and oversaw the transition of British India to independence. Chakravarti Rajagopalachari (1878-1972) became the only Indian and last governor-general after independence.