Quick Answer: How Expensive Are Taxis In Hong Kong?

How much is a taxi from Hong Kong airport to the city?

The average price of a taxi ride from Hong Kong airport to the city centre of Hong Kong is 370 HK$ (40€).

Without traffic, the journey will take approximately 30 minutes..

Do Hong Kong taxis take US dollars?

Related: What are the most popular tours in Hong Kong? Neither will be accepted. You will need cash for taxis, and taxi drivers generally do not accept $500 or $1,000 bills. … Taxi drivers will certainly not accept your USD, neither will most shops and restaurants.

Can you drink water in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s water is good enough to drink. According to the WSD, Hong Kong’s water is actually among the safest in the world14. … So as long as you maintain your plumbing in good condition, Hong Kong’s water is actually safe to drink from the tap without having to boil.

Does Uber accept cash in Hong Kong?

They take cash and is usually very cheap compared to other major cities! Sometimes good to have the Chinese translation of your destination written down though! over a year ago. Uber is illegal in Hong Kong.

Do you tip taxi in Hong Kong?

Taxis. Taxi or cab drivers don’t expect to be tipped, but it is normal to leave the driver a small tip by rounding up your fare to an even number and letting them keep the change.

Do Hong Kong taxis take credit cards?

Currently, travellers in Hong Kong wanting to use credit cards to pay for travel can only really do so with ride-sharing apps, such as Uber. …

How much is airport bus in Hong Kong?

Popular bus services include route A21 (HK$33 for adults, HK$16.5 for children) which takes approx. 45-50 minutes into central Kowloon and route A11 (HK$40 for adults, HK$20 for children) which takes approx. 50-65 minutes into central areas of Hong Kong Island.

What should you not wear in Hong Kong?

do not wear (or contain in your backpack) construction helmet or similar type of head protection gear. do not have metal poles or wooden sticks on your hands. try to avoid wear face mask unless you are coughing your guts out.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Hong Kong?

Uber often brags that hailing an UberX is “cheaper than a taxi.” But in Hong Kong, that’s no longer necessarily the case. … In short, while longer rides will likely be priced roughly the same between the two services, shorter rides will be more expensive when hailed via Uber.

Can I wear shorts in Hong Kong?

It’s Hong Kong. Everyone’s too busy to care what you wear most of the time. So wear shorts except in formal places.

Is Hong Kong safe at night?

Hong Kong is generally a safe city to travel around, even alone at night, but always use common sense. Some things to keep in mind: Stick to well-lit streets if walking after dark; note the MTR is perfectly safe to use at night. … Hong Kong has its share of pickpockets.

Why is uber illegal in Hong Kong?

Officially, Uber service is illegal in Hong Kong, as the government clarified explicitly that Uber drivers broke the law by offering car hiring services without any license or third-party insurance. … So the question is, should the government allow Uber to operate legally?

What’s Hong Kong famous for?

What is Hong Kong Most Famous For?Causeway Bay.The Peak.Hong Kong Disneyland.Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)Stanley Market and Murray House.Temple Street Night Market.Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo.Star Ferry Hong Kong.More items…

Are taxis cheap in Hong Kong?

Taking a Hong Kong taxi is a bargain compared to the prices in other major cities, such as London and New York, and you’ll find people hopping in a taxi in Hong Kong far more frequently. And, with nearly 20,000 cabs roaming the city’s streets, you shouldn’t find it hard to hunt one down.

How much cash should I bring to Hong Kong?

How much money will you need for your trip to Hong Kong? You should plan to spend around HK$1,085 ($140) per day on your vacation in Hong Kong, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors.

Can I use US dollars in Hong Kong airport?

Most of the retail and catering outlets in HKIA accept major foreign currencies, such as US Dollar, Euros, Japanese Yen, and RMB, etc.

Is there Uber in Hong Kong airport?

Whether you’re going from Hong Kong Airport to Kowloon City or from Disneyland to Hong Kong Airport, count on Uber to get you there.

Is it OK to wear black in Hong Kong?

MANILA, Philippines — Filipinos in Hong Kong have been advised against wearing black or white shirts as they might be mistaken as participants of the ongoing intense protests in China’s special administrative region.