Who Killed Tim Drake’S Parents?

Is Tim Drake smarter than Batman?

Tim Drake is exceptionally smart, probably on Batman’s level, possibly even slightly higher in terms of raw brainpower which is offset by Batman having many more years worth of learning and experience to draw on..

Has Tim Drake ever killed anyone?

Their conflict leads to a climactic showdown in this week’s Detective Comics #940, and unfortunately, it appears to result in Tim Drake’s death. Except… Tim Drake isn’t actually dead, and not just in the way that comic book superheroes are never dead.

Is Tim Drake The Joker in Suicide Squad?

We do love a good superhero movie theory, and the latest DC universe one about the Joker is a doozy. Okay, so it may be a tad far-fetched, but according to the folks at YouTube’s The Film Theorists, the identity of Suicide Squad’s incarnation of Joker (Jared Leto) could in fact be former Robin Tim Drake. Hear us out.

Who is Tim Drake’s best friend?

Conner KentTim’s best friend was Superboy, Conner Kent, aka Kon-El. He was so close to him, that when Conner died during Infinite Crisis he changed his costume to match the colors of Superboy’s costume.

How did Tim Drake lose his spleen?

So… Tim’s spleen was tragically lost in his standalone series, Red Robin. Tim is teamed up with some members of the League of Assassins, and while plotting their next move they are attacked by “The Widower”. He stabs Tim in the stomach and leaves him for dead in issue number 4.

Who is the smartest Robin?

TIM DRAKE13 TIM DRAKE: TECHNOLOGICAL GENIUS It’s fair to say that Tim Drake is the smartest Robin. Specifically, Drake has a brilliant mind for technology, so he excels with computers and science.

Why did Tim Drake quit being Robin?

Tim might have died if not for his quick thinking which caused Jean Paul to regain control of himself. Robin decided it was time to leave—the team was dead without Bruce. So he took his custom made vehicle, the Redbird, and left the Batcave.

Who Killed Tim Drake?

Cal CorcoranThe New 52: Futures End and Batman Beyond In the series, Tim Drake faked his death during the war between Prime-Earth and Earth-2 and became a bar owner by the name of Cal Corcoran.

Who does Tim Drake become?

Robin mantleTim Drake, the third Robin and the only character to headline a solo title under that name for more than 150 issues, has left the codename “Drake” behind him and stepped back into the Robin mantle, effective this week’s issue of Young Justice.

What is Tim Drake’s IQ?

142Abilities. Genius Level Intellect: Tim possesses an IQ of 142. Investigation: Tim Drake is often cited as the most analytic of Batman’s proteges, as his detective skills are on par with Batman himself.

How did Tim Drake die?

It’s a touching and emotional scene, and Tynion’s affection for Tim Drake shines throughout the whole issue. However, in the epilogue, we discover that Tim Drake did not die in a hail of laser bullets and was instead rescued at the last second by none other than the mysterious Mr. Oz.

Does Tim Drake have parents?

Jack DrakeJanet DrakeTim Drake/Parents

Does Tim Drake became the Joker?

Though not a story from the comics, Tim Drake still saw himself as the Joker for a time. During the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) movie, it was revealed that the Joker once kidnapped him and, using all sorts of chemicals and advanced technology, brainwashed Tim and turned him into his own sidekick.

Does Tim Drake become Batman?

And that includes Tim’s decision to leave the role of Red Robin and the Bat-Family behind to pursue a life of academic excellence. …

What happened to Tim Drake’s parents?

The couple was held hostage for money, until the Batman came to save them. While Batman had arrested the Obeah Man, however, Jack and Janet were poisoned when they drank some of his voodoo man’s water. Janet died instantly, while Jack was left in a coma. Batman brought Jack back to Gotham and cared for Tim.